Philipper Bertho

Pop Illusionist

“Through my art, I create a visual story that only the viewer can complete by using their intellect, imagination and sense of humor.”— Philippe Bertho

Sometimes it takes awhile for an artist to find himself. Such is the case with French-born, Philippe Bertho. He has been a lumberjack, a salesman, a warehouseman and more. But when a true artist finds his voice, the results can be nothing short of masterful. And masterful is the best word to describe this extraordinary artwork.

Philippe Bertho is classically trained having enrolled in art school in Reims, France in the early 1990s. There, he spent considerable time studying decorative trompe l’oeil painting. Tromp l’oeil (“to fool the eye”) is a technique used by artists to create the illusion of a 3rd dimension on a flat surface. It is obvious from Bertho's artwork that he fools much more than the eye...he draws one in by the heart and also quite frequently by the funny bone. Continued >