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Untitled (Atomic Energy), 1982

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Framed Size: 82" x 82" 

This artwork is currently on exhibit at Bozar- Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels

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Untitled (Atomic Energy), 1982
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About the Work
About the Artist

About the Work

"Untitled (Atomic Energy), 192  is a rare image of the atomic symbol in Haring’s much-desired large tarp medium. Many of the works from this period are rendered in red and black on yellow tarp resulting in an intense vibrancy. Untitled also projects a visceral quality not always present in Haring’s painting – the image feels quickly painted with the rough outlines and dripping paint conveying an urgency to the work, like a graffiti crafted on the run.

In June of 1982, Haring attended the massive anti-nuke and disarmament rally in New York City which protested nuclear arms and aimed to draw wide attention to the UN Second Special Session on Disarmament taking place that week. He created an offset lithograph for the rally in April, published it himself, and gave 20,000 of them away that day. That image is a 2-panel image in which the above atomic symbol appears in the lower center of the image.

"Untitled (Atomic Energy), 1982 is a 72 5/8 x 72.25 - inch  acrylic on vinyl with metal grommets. The framed size is 82" x 82" - inch. 

About the Artist

Keith Haring was a social activist and artist who wasn’t afraid to depict and publicize controversial topics such as war, sexuality, life, and death with his art. Haring used New York City - the walls, stations, and buildings - as his canvas, creating masterpieces for the public eye. His signature cartoon style combined his outspoken political and social activism place Haring amongst the legends in the art world. Born May 4, 1958, in Reading, Pennsylvania, Haring grew up fascinated by the cartoon art of Walt Disney, Charles Schultz, and even Dr. Seuss. Haring’s father also drew cartoons as a hobby in his free time, inspiring a young Haring to perhaps make his own one day. Eventually, as a grown man, he moved to New York City to enroll at the School of Visual Arts. It is there Haring found his artistic peers and social niche and became acquainted with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Kenny Scharf, among other individuals in the underground art scene.

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