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Blackglama, 1985 (#351, Ads)

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Blackglama, 1985 (#351, Ads)
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About the Work
About the Artist

About the Work

Blackglama, part of the Ads suite printed in 1985, portrays Judy Garland selling Blackglama minks. This was a famous ad campaign created by Jane Trahey, one of the first women to open her own advertising firm, in 1960. In the campaign, famous women were used as the gimmick to sell Blackglama’s elegant products - stories which could not be told in a photograph.  The women were to symbolize everything that the photo of the product (mink coat, etc.) could not convey alone.  The photograph was taken by Richard Avedon.  The powerful tagline, “What Becomes a Legend most?” was credited with making Blackglama the most powerful name in mink coats within just 2 years.

About the Artist

Andy Warhol is seen as one of the most prolific American artists of all time, whose undeniable influence proved him to be a leading figure within the Pop Art and Culture Movement. Warhol was a multitalented individual; he was an artist, filmmaker, producer, designer, and photographer. Warhol was born on August 06, 1926 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From an early age, Warhol was interested in the arts as he was often sick at home than at school. Rather isolated due to childhood illnesses, a young Warhol entertained himself by drawing and with other artistic hobbies. Eventually, Warhol graduated high school with aspirations to become an illustrator in the world of advertising. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the Carnegie Mellon University of Technology and moved to New York to pursue his creative dream.

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Scan the room for surface detection.

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