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The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia Announces Major Erté Exhibition, June 22–Sept. 18, 2016

The Hermitage Museum is rightfully counted among the world’s finest, boasting an extensive collection of masterworks from the most renowned artists of the past several centuries. And now, for the first time in its glorious history, it will be curating an exhibition to honor the work of Erté, the father of Art Deco and one of Russia’s most celebrated cultural native sons. The event is scheduled to take place in June, 2016. Martin Lawrence Galleries is proud to serve as a sponsor of this historical event. MLG is home to an extraordinarily varied and consequential collection of Erté works. An exciting further announcement relating to this event will be made in the New Year. Erté—whose real name was Romain de Tirtoff (initials “R.T.”)—was born in 1892 in St. Petersburg. In 1910 he moved to ... Read more