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Looking Out From Within: Buffalo

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acrylic on canvas with gold enamel

image size: 60 x 48-inch 

Framed Size: 63.75 x 51.75 -inch 

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Looking Out From Within: Buffalo
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About the Work
About the Artist

About the Work

“Looking Out From within: Buffalo” is part of Anne Faith Nicholls’ “Bell Jar Series” which includes “Looking out from within Buffalo.” “Looking out from within Narwhal.” “Looking Out from Within Fox-Headed Girl.” and “Looking Out from Within Bird-Headed Girl.” Anne Faith Nicholls’ “Bell Jar Series” series features naked women encased in bell jars, seemingly “collected” as objects d’arte, each adorned with a mask of an endangered animal. This is a surrealistic, symbolic commentary both on the collection and the endangerment of species, and what that means to us humans, as a species ourselves. The bannered phrase “Looking Out from Within” can be interpreted as a narrative about a life lived under a microscope of examination. Looking out, from within, their hands pressed against the glass, the anomalies stare back at their collector and seem to ask “Well then, what is strange, unique, and collectible about you? Aren’t you, in some ways, just like me?” But much like critically endangered species, they are trapped within the confines of our protection, suspended within their existence, forever on display, beautiful and tragic at the same time. One may draw parallels to our own treatment or segregation of unique people within our society.

Correctly, the buffalo head and body pierced with arrows can draw parallels with the marginalization of Native Americans and Native Species, with the fight for women’s civil rights in American History. The indicators also allude to martyrdom and classic religious iconography. “Looking Out From within: Buffalo” is a 60 x 48 – inch acrylic on canvas with gold enamel.

About the Artist

Anne Faith Nicholls is a truly unique addition to the contemporary art scene—she provides a refreshing look at the soul of the modern woman and artist. Born with a backwards heart, Nicholls has an inner strength that is inspirational and captivating. Her sense of adventure and exploration began in Victoria, British Columbia. Restless to travel to new places, she made her journey south to San Francisco, graduating from the Academy of Art University, and then on to Los Angeles where she resides today. She has traveled the world with a focus on studying the masters. This commitment to traditional painting has contributed to the development of her own unique style of utilizing both oil and acrylic to achieve a signature layered look and a saturated, antiqued, color palette.

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