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Kerry Hallam

Artist Kerry Hallam was born in England in 1937, has always been interested in art and travel. Due to this interest, he went on to attend London University’s Central College of Art after receiving a scholarship. There he studied under mentors such as Leslie Cole, Patrick Heron, and Hans Tisdale. After his education, he completed his military service in the prestigious Gurkha brigade in Hong Kong and Malaya. Hallam’s talent was further acknowledged when he was selected for inclusion in Britain’s Royal Society of Artists in Watercolor.

As a young artist searching for his own truth, Hallam immersed himself in the energy and passion of Southern France.  Acting upon this influence, Hallam says, “My ambition was to make definitive statements. Using van Gogh, Cezanne, Matisse, and Dufy as departure points, I would…build on their feelings, dance to their music”. Inspired by the Fauvist movement, he combined brilliant, exuberant colors, with the intimacy of the Impressionists, and continued painting with the passion of his youth.

Kerry Hallam has been honored by galleries around the world, having shown at exhibitions in Paris, London, Tokyo, New York, Beverly Hills, Hong Kong, San Francisco, and many other international cities. His work has been featured in countless newspaper and magazine articles as well as in PBS television specials. The works of Kerry Hallam are published and sold exclusively by Chalk & Vermilion Fine Arts Connecticut.

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