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Sidewalks of Paris Suite

This is Liudmila Kondakova's elegantly designed four-piece suite entitled “Sidewalks of Paris.” The four images depict direct views of the wonderfully detailed facades of Parisian store-fronts. The artist’s passion for this ever-popular romantic city is again captured with spectacular detail. 

The four views presented capture the Paris of years gone by, a city full of mystery and enchantment. Kondakova lovingly paints the cobblestone streets and store­fronts with her colorful palette. No present architecture could visually speak to us in such a compelling manner. The suite is comprised of “Chez Julien,” “Chez Eugene,” “Homage to Mucha,” and “Toy Store.” The “Sidewalks of Paris” suite is a beautiful addition to an already successful selection of serigraphs created by Liudmila Kondakova. Either individually or together, they take us on a stroll through the sidewalks of Paris and allow us to revel in the charm and romance of the city.
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