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Liudmila Kondakova

Born in Russia in 1956, Liudmila Kondakova immigrated to the United States in 1991. A graduate of the Grabar Center in Moscow, she also attended Russia’s School of Sacred Arts, the Moscow Pedagogical Institute and the Moscow Art Institute. Kondakova connects her highly trained background to her artistic expression this way: “In my art, the essence and beauty has always rested in the details.”

The works of art by Liudmila Kondakova are so rich with clarity and light they reflect in their extraordinary draftsmanship a sense of artistic and spiritual well-being. Her meticulous attention to detail allows us to become intimately involved in the life of her paintings. Her technique was commonly employed by medieval egg-tempera painters. Her palette—influenced by the icon painters of Byzantium and later, Russia—is both vibrant and beautiful, with colors that blend in a subtle, poetic balance.

Original paintings and limited edition prints by Liudmila Kondakova have an honored place in private collections around the world.
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  • Medium
    • acrylic on canvas
    • archival print with hand made serigraph texture plates
    • gouache on paper
    • serigraph
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    • serigraph on linen
    • serigraph on paper
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    • I Remember Paris
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    • Toujours Paris
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