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Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall is, without doubt, one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. He created a unique world full of pathos, poetry, humor, and enchantment, drawing on vivid memories of his childhood in what is today Belarus. Born Throughout his career, Chagall was greatly inspired by Byzantine and Russian icon painting, as well as Jewish folklore. He appreciated how they could be subjectively understood and he wished that his own mythological floating figures and symbolism would be interpreted just as freely. Chagall loved life. He loved the circus, he loved the Bible and found the same human paradox in both—joy mixed with tragedy, beauty with sadness. The poetic and biblical inspirations of Chagall’s art have always appealed to a broad public, and his works are collected, exhibited and admired all over the world. Chagall would live to the age 97 and spend his final years in France, having accumulated a long, well-respected legacy within the Art world.
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