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Confiserie (Parisian Memories)

$695 $975
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Framed Size: 28" x 24.5"

hand-signed serigraph on paper

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$695 $975

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About the Work
About the Artist

About the Work

Liudmila Kondakova’s first childhood memories were all bright color: reds, blues, greens, yellows, and whites. She recalls that her first persistent question to the adults around her was “What color is this”? Painting absorbs Kondakova’s whole being. If she is not painting, she is thinking about her current or future projects. Days when she does not work, she considers lost. Liudmila Kondakova painted with egg tempera for many years. It is an unforgiving technique. If you make a mistake, you have to start over. Through this process, she learned planning and discipline, and she uses those skills to create highly detailed paintings of her favorite cities, places, and spaces.  She starts painting from the farthest background area, and she works forward. From the darkest parts of the painting to the lightest, as if she is bringing her composition from darkness to light. Paris is a city that Kondakova has portrayed time and again in her work, and its architecture has inspired her art. 

“Confiserie” is part of Liudmila Kondakovas “Parisian Memories” suite created in 2001.  The suite is comprised of “Confiserie,” “Le Petit Café,”  “Le Poete,” and “The Stairway.” The suite is a quintessential tribute to all things Paris. The architecture, and color true to Kondakova’s artistic style.

In “Confiserie” we find Liudmila Kondakova’s passion for everyday Parisian moments and the beautiful view of a street corner. Although mundane in thought the artwork is created in a magnificent art form. Kondakova stays true to her art and shares with us the details in the streets of Paris like no other. The bicycle a recurring theme in her artwork once again is shown to us in color. This time, Kondakova has chosen to depict her favorite Parisian object in dark blue. The cobbled streets are just as prominent in this artwork like any other Parisian artwork from Liudmila Kondakova. “Confiserie” is a 15 x 12 – inch hand-signed serigraph on linen.

About the Artist

Born in Russia in 1956, Liudmila Kondakova immigrated to the United States in 1991. A graduate of the Grabar Center in Moscow, she also attended Russia’s School of Sacred Arts, the Moscow Pedagogical Institute and the Moscow Art Institute. Kondakova connects her highly trained background to her artistic expression this way: “In my art, the essence and beauty has always rested in the details.” Original paintings and limited edition prints by Liudmila Kondakova have an honored place in private collections around the world.

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