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Picasso Buffon Collection

“If I paint a wild horse, you may not see the horse, but you will surely see the wildness.” - Pablo Picasso

We are very pleased to announce that we’ve acquired a complete suite of Pablo Picasso’s Buffons. These thirty-one exceptional and rare etchings are a masterful combination of sugar-lift aquatint and drypoint, showcasing a full range of gray tonalities. The etchings of animals, birds and insects are considered a beautiful and most unusual example of Picasso’s graphic work.

A known animal lover, Picasso was surrounded by pets (including a pet owl that he had tamed to sit on his finger). In Buffons, we find charmingly depicted animals, often exhibiting characteristics either to be admired, or wary of, or both. The Horse is seen from behind and at a bit of a distance, reminding us never to walk behind a horse - or risk getting kicked. The Goat (a favorite of Picasso’s) known for ‘eating anything,’ munches on the garden plants. The Ostrich, known for its incredibly strong legs and running ability is depicted racing across the picture plane with swoosh shadows under its feet. The ‘Hen’ is portrayed as the Mother Hen with her chicks, while the Rooster stands tall, feathered, puffed, and in full strut.

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