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Miss Mary's Class

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hand-signed archival pigment print on canvas

image size: 34.25 x 37.25 - inch

framed size: 44.5 x 46 - inch

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About the Work
About the Artist

About the Work

Every one of Hofmann’s paintings is a breathtaking composition which, we believe, rivals the work of any Dutch Master in their precision and their use of light and color. Hofmann’s ability to portray the human form brings to life creations that appear to breathe and reflect the glow of life. His rendition of fabrics and other details, not only through shapes and textures but also through the purity of their colors, demonstrates an uncommon mastery in the world of contemporary painting. When viewing a Hofmann painting, one is truly mesmerized.

"Miss Mary's Class" is a 34.25 x 37.25 
hand-signed archival pigment print on canvas.

About the Artist

Douglas Hofmann was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1945 and began his training in art after high school at the Maryland Institute of Art. During his first year there he discovered Joseph Sheppard who would be significant mentor and influence throughout his career. He began studying with Sheppard, taking on anatomy, drawing and painting from the model, all of which were new to Hofmann. There he also discovered the Maroger method, which enables the artist to use thin layers of paint and techniques similar to those of the Old Masters. Through his burgeoning interest in the Old Masters, Hofmann began to develop his individual taste. Emulating Vermeer, he painted situations from his home and studio using his wife and children as his models. Hofmann later expanded his subject matter to include his memorable nudes and his much-loved ballet works. Though his subjects have changed over the years, women have always dominated his panels and prints.

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