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Robert Deyber

Ass Nine


Framed Size: 21.34" x 21.34"

hand-signed lithograph

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About the Work
About the Artist

About the Work

American artist, Robert Deyber, draws inspiration directly from language, particularly common puns and every day turns of phrase. His works range from literal translations of these sayings to kitschy depictions all of which never cease to charm his viewers. He credits master surrealists, René Magritte, and Salvador Dali as muses and identifies with 19th century Hudson River School painters, Thomas Cole, and Frederick Church. Evidence of the latter can be seen in his depiction of the unsettled skies which are the backdrop for many of his anecdotal scenarios. In addition to his sense of humor. Deyber works also speak to something else – the health of the American psyche and the resilience of the American spirit. In 2009, The San Francisco Examiner described him as a “pop surrealist” whose style “has appeal for new as well as experienced collectors”.

“Ass Nine” is a classical Robert Deyber surrealistic artwork. With three donkeys in the spotlight each bearing numbers 2, 5 and 9, with donkey number 9 coming into central view. “Ass Nine” is a lithograph created in 2009. “Chalk & Vermilion” and “Art Estampe” of Paris, came together and used a centuries-old traditional method of stone lithography to ensure that the “Ass Nine” lithograph remains faithful to the artist’s vision. “Ass Nine” is a 7.5 x 9 – inch hand-signed lithograph created in 2009. Each lithograph is hand-pulled in an edition of 395 and initialed by the artist.

About the Artist

Born and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut, Deyber began drawing at an early age. Art was a necessary means of escape from an otherwise difficult world, one in which he set his mind free to visit the most remote places—a wheat field in South Dakota, the dunes of the Gobi desert, the moons of Jupiter—all within easy reach for a very imaginative young boy. Throughout his paintings, Deyber moves in and out of visual themes and story lines. Compelled to create imagery where he uses a combination of highly stylized composition, light and contrasting colors, his goal is to apply all three skillfully, thereby drawing the viewer into his painting without overpowering or confusing.