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Giving Thanks

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Framed Size: 44" x 44"

hand-signed digital pigment print on canvas

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About the Work
About the Artist

About the Work

François Fressinier’s signature style superimposes his female subjects, allowing them to become one with the background. “Giving Thanks” is a hand-signed digital pigment print on canvas. The image size is 32 x 32 - inches.

“Giving Thanks” is a very dramatic close-up portrait by François Fressinier. The primary colors used in this composition are blue, red, green, white, and black. This image depicts a woman with a white flower in her hair. She is wearing bright blue eyeshadow and vibrant red lipstick. Her makeup contrasts well against her fair colored skin. Streaks of white and blue run vertically across much of the image, giving it a sad or dramatic feeling.

Fressinier credits music as one of his biggest influences in art. He prefers to listen to music while working in his studio. Fressinier has even created many masterpieces of his favorite musical icons, including Elvis, Rihanna and more. His work is mostly comprised of portraits of women as their features enamor him. These works include celebrities like Kate Moss and Grace Jones who are often associated as figures of beauty and feminine pride.

As a young man, Fressinier discovered the world of art and paintings, and he wanted to be a part of it. He was, as a child, surrounded by art in France because of his parents’ love of drawing, painting, and admiration for many artists. As he is primarily a figurative artist who incorporates abstract and graphic elements in his work, Fressinier feels his work aims to say that beauty is all around us, but especially within us. We are surrounded by beauty at every moment, and everywhere, it is right there as a gift, and you can receive it or reject it.

About the Artist

Born in Cognac, France in 1968 to scholarly portrait photographer parents with an affinity for aesthetics, it was fitting that modern figurative artist, François Fressinier, would develop a unique, enchanting style. His father’s admiration for the works of the Old Masters and his exposure to some of the world’s most historic places, along with France’s Gallo-Roman ruins and Gothic churches inclined François to explore and create figurative, symbolic artwork. In addition, his education at the Ecole Brassart in Tours afforded him the opportunity to study the drawings and paintings of old and new masters. He cites inspiration from artists like Rembrandt for showing us the soul of his sitters, Van Dyke for his elegance, Bonnard’s palette, Fuchs for the fantastic world he invented; all of which influence his style today.

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