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Image size: 24 x 20
Frame size: 28.25 x 32.25

serigraph on linen

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About the Work
About the Artist

About the Work

Spanish artist Felix Mas uses his paintbrush to masterfully convey emotion. It is his gift and our good fortune to be able to experience it. He considers himself a traditionalist, obsessed with form and color, creating images that celebrate femininity and the luminous beauty of the female form. “Intimidad” is hand-signed serigraph on linen. The image size is 24 x 20 – inches.

In “Intimidad”, the lush richness of the green only enhances the serene look of the elegant figure. The complimentary red of her hair stands out among the earthy tones, suggesting that while the woman appears peaceful, she also contains an inner fire.

For Felix Mas, painting exudes color, emotion and impression. His elegant female figures captivate us with their graceful radiance and evocatively strong emotions. The ocean breaths life and excitement into the world for Mas personifying this uplifting work.

His works rely on bold colors used in concert with provocative body language. The gaze of his subject is often diverted, allowing the viewer to apprehend his paintings without engagement. Each woman is dressed in richly colored fabrics, uniquely achieved through pigments he creates himself, that are elegantly draped throughout all his works.

About the Artist

Felix Mas is a well-known artist around the world and best recognized for his artistic portrayals of “sensual elegance”. Much of Mas’s works contain beautiful women as the central subject matter, which many have described as alluring and intoxicating. Mas’s work finds inspiration from many different cultures and appears to be deeply influenced by Japanese woodblock prints and the fashions of India, as well as the historical grace of ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece. Felix Mas was born in Spain in 1935, where he currently lives and his artistic passions. He has always been a student of art since his childhood and developed his skills as he matured into adulthood. Mas attended the San Jorge Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona, where he received a great deal of traditional training. He has also traveled throughout Europe and the United States to enrich his perspective and perfect his skills.

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