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Untitled, 1977 (SF77-069)

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Untitled, 1977 (SF77-069)
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About the Work
About the Artist

About the Work

"Untitled, 1977 (SF77-069)" is an acrylic on paper created by Sam Francis in 1977. The image size is 7 x 10-inches. The framed size is 16.25 x 18 - inches. Sam Francis would come to be one of the most respected colorists in the art world and works such as Untitled, 1977 (SF77-069) are a powerful example of why. Combining the sense of a square mandala with the cross-weaves of his matrix period, color is the primary source of energy and movement within this piece. There is still an open center, but it is heavily disrupted by spurts of color - dramatic splatters, blotches and smears spread across the page. These colors, though bold and powerful, are well-integrated with the blotches of black, creating unique darker shades of blues, oranges and green. The yellow pigment is visibly distorted in some sections, creating slightly brownish spots throughout the weaves. The contrast of the white center and the explosion of color suggests Francis leading the viewer in to the center, while letting the color energy burst out. The artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.

About the Artist

Born in Northern California in 1923, Sam Francis briefly attended the University of California at Berkeley before leaving to join the Army Air Corps in 1943. While in military service, he suffered injuries that led to spinal tuberculosis, requiring a long recuperation. During this period, he began to paint. In the late 1940s, Francis began to study at the California School of Fine Arts (now the San Francisco Art Institute) and to work with fellow painter, David Parks. A short time later, he returned to UC Berkeley to study both painting and art history, eventually earning bachelor's and master's degrees. The artist's desire to explore his art led him to Paris in the early '50s, and it was here that his professional career as an artist truly began. Soon after arriving in Europe, he began to travel extensively, living working and exhibiting in Paris, Tokyo, Switzerland and eventually, the United States. In 1962, Francis settled in Southern California.

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