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Meet Philippe Bertho in Schaumburg, IL


MAY 16, 2024

Meet Philippe Bertho in Schaumburg, IL

Join Martin Lawrence Galleries Schaumburg for a special evening with acclaimed pop illusionist, Philippe Bertho.

Philippe Bertho, trained in art school in Reims, France in the early 1990s, specializes in trompe l'oeil painting, known for creating 3D illusions on flat surfaces. Inspired by Jacques Poirier, he incorporates unconventional materials like corrugated iron and old light bulbs into his work. His unique style, showcased at the Regards sur les Arts salon in 1995, transports viewers into whimsical worlds populated by mischievous characters. Bertho's precise technique and surreal imagery prompt contemplation of both his artistic intent and our own perceptions. His paintings captivate with their blend of narrative figuration and Pop inspiration, inviting viewers to explore layers of meaning. Bertho's burgeoning reputation in the art world reflects his commitment to preserving his distinct voice and sharing his rich creativity with audiences.

New original works and hand-signed prints will be available to view and acquire.

Reception and Meet the Artist
Thursday May 16, 2024
6-8 pm

Woodfield Mall
5 Woodfield Mall
Schaumburg, IL 60173

(630) 954 - 3033