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The Works of Robert Deyber - On Exhibit in La Jolla

Martin Lawrence Galleries La Jolla

September 23rd, 2023

The Works of Robert Deyber - On Exhibit in La Jolla

Join Martin Lawrence Galleries La Jolla in celebrating the works of Robert Deyber. 

Deyber was a ‘visual raconteur’—a storyteller with a paintbrush, his mind’s eye planted deep within the subconscious. His artwork is full of surprises. Every canvas revels in the artist’s sense of humor, each painting a visual rendering of a clever turn on a common phrase. Despite his sense of fun, however, Robert Deyber was a seriously skilled painter. He was endlessly intrigued by visual imaginings that reside in the realm between reality and fantasy, and he was clearly able to render these imaginings brilliantly. His artwork is highly narrative in nature; his paintings convey an almost dreamlike quality to the bemused viewer.

This show will feature a selection of individual titles, prints and paintings - all available for purchase.

Join us on Saturday September 23rd 6-8 for a special exhibition of the last works by Robert Deyber. 

Sips and snacks.

RSVP 858 551-1122