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When you first see the art of Robert Deyber, you are immediately struck by the surrealistic structure and the visual depth of his artwork. For lack of a better comparison, Robert Deyber is the Lewis Carroll of the art world.  Through his work he continues to transport us to unknown realms. His pop surrealist centered work consists of visual portrayals of clichés, euphemisms and idioms in the English language.

Robert Deyber, Stars and Stripes

Robert Deyber, Stars and Stripes XV, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36 inches

An artist with a penchant for phraseology, Deyber can spin any clichéd phrase into a wonderful work of art that is bound to enter the viewer’s subconscious. There is a dreamlike quality to his work that makes you seek his paintings for more details. Each one of his artworks is indisputable Deyber, but yet indisputably unique. Deyber’s pursuit of art is as unique as his work.

Before becoming a renowned artist he spent twenty-five years in corporate America, making his escape into unknown visually spectacular worlds more poignant. His new works for Martin Lawrence Galleries have us captivated once more and we were very excited when he agreed to answer our questions to give us an insight into what inspires his work and his life.

Describe your profession in five words.

The quest to move someone emotionally…oh…that’s six words.

What moves you most in life?

Nature and Empathy.

What is the last great book you read?

Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris

Who has inspired you most in life?

My partner and husband Rob. It is true that opposites attract. He keeps me grounded by his calmness. Especially helpful when I’m about to snap. He’s very patient with my particular brand of crazy.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Ennio Morricone Film Scores. He’s a modern master. The piece, Gabriel’s Oboe, brought me to tears the first time I heard it.

Do current events inspire your work?

Absolutely! With the political climate in this country, we are awash in wacky phrases. Two of which come to mind are, Witch Hunt and Nothing Burger which I’m currently attempting to figure out how to visually interpret.

What’s the last show that surprised you? Why?

Martin Puryear at MOMA. Astonishing

What is your favorite place to see art?

Small art galleries…there are so many great artists working under the radar.

What’s the most indispensable item in your studio?

My five giant north facing windows and my four-inch-wide house painting brushes.

What’s the first artwork you ever sold?

A highly decorated painted one-foot-square box which had a beautiful antique brass hinge and a latch. I put objects inside, glued it shut and then gave it to people as a gift. It was fun watching people try to open it.

Do you miss the artwork you sell and have you ever been tempted to take your artwork back?

If I am in love with a painting I sometimes have trouble letting it go. So, I occasionally hold on to them for sometimes months or even years. There are quite a few I would love to buy back.

Know any good jokes?

I can’t stand jokes…too predictable. Bad jokes taught me how to fake laugh believably.

What work of art do you wish you owned?

Golconda by René Magritte

Who is your favorite living artist?

Odd Nerdrum…there are too many reasons to list.

It’s not finished yet; is it?

I have pretty intense HDHD. I have never done a single painting from start to finish. I am currently working on 22 paintings. Sometimes the conclusion to a piece doesn’t present itself immediately. I then put them in a holding pattern and check back with them from time to time until the story presents an ending to me.

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