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View Fine Art Online, On Your Own Wall!

View Fine Art Online, On Your Own Wall!

Augmented reality (AR) technology has finally, and truly, arrived in the world of fine art. Simply defined, AR technology superimposes computer-generated images on a user view of the real world, providing a remarkably realistic composite view. Many say that AR technology is fundamentally transforming how we learn and interact with the real world.  Now, this includes the Art World.

Art has been a relative latecomer to the digital revolution. In a realm where collectors and prospects alike have historically associated the desire to acquire art with the ability to see it in person, bridging the gap between online viewing and purchasing was an enormous challenge.  In fact, only two years ago it was unimaginable. However, as the attitude toward buying art online changed, so did the effort to create digital technology to enable enhanced online art viewing.

 And now, thanks to Martin Lawrence Galleries’ (MLG) new AR technology, there has been a true breakthrough!

MLG’s new IOS (AR) technology virtually and digitally places the art right on the walls of a collector’s room, so users can more than merely imagine-they can actually view-works of art in their own room without ever having to open their front door. 

When MLG started working on the launch of a transactional website in January 2019, it insisted on creating and incorporating the innovation of (AR) technology specifically tailored for the Art world. The new MLG (AR) technology is presented as a website extension. Supported by IOS devices only, the new feature allows users to see what each and every work of art will look like on their walls before buying it.

To get started:

  • Simply click the View In Room button on the product page to launch the AR feature
  • You’ll then be prompted to scan your room and place the artwork on any real-world wall you’d like
  • There’s also an option that allows users to snap a photo of the art hung virtually on their wall, which can then be shared via e-mail, or social media.

In addition to ‘wall art’ (paintings, graphics, prints, etc.)  the AR functionality will also work with sculptures, allowing you to rotate and reposition the sculpture within any given room.

Of course, sitting right at the bottom of the AR screen is the option to place the art in your shopping cart to acquire the real thing. Each artwork presented on MLG’s new site includes information including title, artist, size/dimensions, and the materials used in its creation.

To improve user experience across all devices, Martin Lawrence Galleries has launched an additional browser-based tool that lets you see the photos of your living spaces in the context of a room without having to create a mockup yourself in Photoshop.

The service is extremely simple:

  • All you need to do is upload a photo from your computer into the MLG Web app that will appear after clicking View In Room from your desktop.
  • Once the image is uploaded, you can resize it and choose which room photo to combine the image with.
  • After you are satisfied with sizing and positioning, a Save File button allows you to download the mockup as a JPEG.

Unlike the few other online galleries who have taken a collection approach to (AR) View in Room capabilities, MLG was committed from the start to create an experience like no other for online collectors.  As a result, MLG’s entire online inventory is individually supported by (AR) technology.

MLG’s nine world-class gallery locations have always been committed to promoting, representing and offering great art for acquisition, in superb condition.  Through its new website, it is now able to extend that trust, that magic, and that experience into The digital world.

As you will soon see for yourself, it is quite an augmented experience!